Seem Like a Professional Speaker — Even if You’re Not

A lot of people feel nervous about the prospect of public speaking. Our industry requires quite a bit of it, which is why our leaders include presentation in the Monument Promotions learning programme. These are some of the techniques we learn:

  • Preparation Is Vital: The best speeches flow naturally. They aren’t robotic, nor is there a lot of fumbling over words. Ample preparation is the best way to ensure a well-delivered presentation. We identify the messages we want to convey, and jot down a few main points and anecdotes. Then we rehearse in front of mirrors and before our colleagues, incorporating their feedback into our work.
  • Research the Audience: In many ways, the audience shapes the success of a public speaking effort. Prior to a Monument Promotions presentation, we research our listeners. This involves learning about their interests and pain points, as well as their demographics. Sometimes simply greeting people as they filter into a venue offers sufficient insight.
  • Embrace the Atmosphere: When we schedule speaking engagements, we visit the given locations as soon as possible. This way, we can find out how much space there is and what equipment we can use. We can even plan to work around windows, podiums, lighting, and temperature.

With the right methods, public speaking is effective and enjoyable.