How Monument Promotions Cultivates Talent

Monument Promotions provides more than just outreach solutions.

We’ve developed a pool of talented business contractors who possess an entrepreneurship mind-set. We do recruitment differently. Our people have a clear pathway to professional achievement so that they can serve with expertise.

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How Monument Promotions’ Entrepreneur Programme

Monument Promotions offers a step-by-step entrepreneur programme that quickly prepares our contractors to reach the pinnacles of their professional lives. These are the phases of our growth model:

Phase 1: The Basics

We give aspiring business professionals space to explore every level of company development. Doing so takes the fear out of being an entrepreneur and replaces it with excitement. Through personalised support and skill-sharing meetings, we address subjects like regulatory requirements, accounting, tax planning, insurance, recruitment, and hiring.

Phase 2: Our Unique Model

Our business contractors have access to a large bank of learning resources, covering the latest industry tools within our unique approach. We ensure that everyone gets what they need to launch their professional journeys using our on-the-ground marketing model. Through this system, there are many opportunities to pursue big professional goals and discover industry specialities.

Phase 3: Early Expansion

Once a contractor has developed a foundation of business expertise, we support the setup of his or her own limited company. Individuals exercise skills that include recruiting and developing other professionals. As we hone individual talent, we multiply the impact of our business.

Phase 4: Total Independence

When contractors successfully arrive at this level, they have proven their mastery of our business model. They have also demonstrated the ability to take ownership of their own futures. At this stage, we guide and support our people to become successful professionals prepared to achieve high rates of success.

Phase 5: Celebration of Achievement

We celebrate people who accomplish their business growth goals. By embracing every step of the journey and getting their companies off the ground, they have achieved what few others can manage. Their success goes to show that our entrepreneur programme works.

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