The Importance of Maintaining Connections

In many ways, being successful really is about who you know. That’s why networking is such a big deal in the business world. In fact, relationship building is so important to us that we’ve incorporated it into the Monument Promotions development programme.

With the constant influx of new technologies, connecting with others is easier than ever. Just ask anyone from the millennial generation. Young professionals are perhaps more equipped than anyone to build and maintain big support networks.

For instance, LinkedIn is one of the most popular go-to networking tools. Not only does the platform allow users to create professional profiles, it allows them to publish content, connect with others, join groups, and apply for new opportunities.

Twitter also makes meeting people easy. The search function is great, and the use of hashtags is even better. All Monument Promotions tweets contain hashtags that are relevant to our industry and to the subject material. These tags enable people to quickly find our content, and they amplify our presence online.

Of course, it’s important to make connections offline too. From conferences to community events, we attend all sorts of functions and meet plenty of people in the process. Simply by asking questions and listening closely, we earn trust and forge lasting bonds with others.

The more we invest in our contacts, the greater our success.